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Bad Movies

These movies are considered bad by most people. Some are so bad they are good, some are just bad. So if you like one of these movies, you're in the minority.

TV & Film
Baseball Team Logos

Try to guess all 30 major league baseball team logos.

Basketball Teams

Identify the basketball team from the logo

Battle of the Bands

You might have heard of them, but do you know what they look like?

Bear Necessities

Pin a name on the famous bears. You'll have seen them in movies and on TV.

beautiful film quiz

film quiz

TV & Film
Beer Logos

Drink beer, but do you recognise the labels from the bottles and cans you throw away?

Food & Drink
Behind the Makeup?

Name the actor behind the makeup! Some are easier than others!

Belgian Actresses & Actors

Famous actresses and actors from Belgium

TV & Film
best bands

find the right name of the band ! Enjoy ;)

Best Movie Quiz Ever (100 questions)

Huge movie quiz with 100 questions, good luck

TV & Film
Best Picture Winners 1985-2012

The pictures will appear in random order.

This one is for the real movie buffs, best of lucks!

TV & Film
big brother

name as many big brother contestants as you can in this quiz

Big Fat Movie Quiz of the Year

Lots of pictures of films and you guess them to get them right

TV & Film
Biggest movie screen quiz EVAH

See if you can name the movies from the screengrabs (all 130+ of them)

TV & Film
Black American First Lady


Black American Presidents

Can you name the black American presidents over the years.

Bond Girls

Can you name the bond girl (real name). These lovely ladies helped bond on his missions

Bond Villains

Name the bad guys who made Bond's life hell but never did succeed. Many of these have just a one word name.

TV & Film
Book to film adaptations

Can you guess the movies that are adaptations of the greatest or best-selling novels (or both) of all time.

Brazilian Movies

use the original titles without foreign characters

TV & Film
Breast Quiz

Lets see if you pay attention to the 2 most Beautiful things in the World

Bridges of the world

Can you name the famous foot, car or rail bridge from around the world

bristol rovers players

name the rovers players by using there last names

British comedy Shows and Comedians

can you name these extremly funny shows and comedians ??

british food!

you think you know all your british foods!...if so check out the latest british food quiz!

Food & Drink
British TV Shows

Name the British TV show from the image - past & present.

TV & Film
Broadway Musicals

Can you guess these famous musicals all played on Broadway and West End many times through the years.

Buffy character's quiz

Test your Buffy knowledge with giving the names of all these characters who appeared throughout the 7 seasons of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer!

TV & Film
Bumper car quiz

Guess the car from the image, no specifics are needed such as GT the answer is simply the manufacturer and model i.e. robin reliant