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Movie directors quiz

We saw their movies, we heard their names but do we really know how they are looking like ? Let's give it a try ... name the movie directors from the below pictures.

Another movies quiz

A range of films

Album Covers 101

Music can often be recognized by the art on the cover alone. Name the album titels from different music styles and years.

Liverpool FC

A quiz of all things red. First installment in the Liverpool FC Quiz series. ( Quiz #2 is now up and running here )

How Web 2 are you?

How Web 2 are you? See how many of these you recognise.

Activity Equipment

Can you name what activity or sport you associate with the image?

TV Shows 101

Do you watch to much television? If the answer is yes, then this quiz is for you. Most of these shows are from the US, but not all.


Check IMDB to find out their names (as is noted on the main page).

Song titles 3

Try to guess the song titles from the pictures again, good luck! A little help: find Michael Jackson, FGTH, REM, CCR, Air, Eminem, Concrete Blonde, Dido, Verve, Editors, Who, Boney M, Pulp, PSB, Moby, Outkast, Interpol, Pink Floyd, Keane, Peter Gabriel, Bee Gees, Smash Mouth, Pink, Prodigy, Prince, La Roux, Smokie, Elton John, Commodores, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Simply Red, Suzanne Vega, Sting, U2, Elvis Presley, Kaiser Chiefs...

Football Miniatures

Guess the footballer from their football miniature, the answers are just the second name i.e. torres

Famous Scousers

"Eh? Eh? Eh?" "Dey do dough, don't dey dough" - famous faces from Liverpool.

Horror Movies Quiz

Horror Movies do you know them,can you guess the movie's by the scene's from the best horror movies.

Name the song

look at the picture and name that song sung by the artist

Action Movies (Updated)

Name the Action film from the scene from any era #33 (Final Fantasy VII Advent Children)

Princes and Princesses

Do you recognise these princes and princesses from tv, movies, games and in real life?
Only first name required.

Movie Posters 102

A sequel to Movie Posters 101 with even more questions to answer. The international (english) title is needed for 'foreign' films.

40 flags of the world.

Can you name these countries by their flags? How many can you get?

A Small Croatian Quiz

Let's learn Croatia! All these people, things, landscapes... are related to Croatia. Check Wikipedia and good luck.

Bond Villains

Name the bad guys who made Bond's life hell but never did succeed. Many of these have just a one word name.

The Food Movie picture Quiz

Food related films (some loosely)