Famous logo quiz

Identify the brand from the logo. Some should be obvious, others less so :)
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Movie Posters 102

A sequel to Movie Posters 101 with even more questions to answer. The international (english) title is needed for 'foreign' films.


Album Covers 101

Music can often be recognized by the art on the cover alone. Name the album titels from different music styles and years.


Movie Posters 101

A vast collection of movie posters. Some new, some old. I used the english title for the foreign movies.


Guess The Film

Can you name the film or franchise from these pictorial clues?


Face off

Identify the movie names from the scene pictures below. You'll have to guess the characters as their face got removed!


Name the guitarist

Can you name the guitarist or bass player from famous bands throughout the years


Yet another f'in movie quiz

Yep here's another one, following on from the earlier 'world famous' movie quiz. Slightly smaller this time but getting gradually harder...


Family Guy Characters

How well do you know these family guy characters ?


Football Miniatures

Guess the footballer from their football miniature, the answers are just the second name i.e. torres

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