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salman khan movies

guess these salman khan movies

TV & Film
Sandra Bullock Movies

sandra bullock through the years!

Scariest Movie Moments

Can you name these scary moments from horror films from the scenes?

TV & Film
Sci-Fi TV Shows

Name the Sci-Fi TV Show

TV & Film
scrubs quiz.......

can you guess there characters full names.......all start with either Dr or Nurse..........

TV & Film
Sex and the City Characters

Name the Sex and the City Characters. *Clue - most of them have surnames


Guess the species of shark.

Sightseeing in Europe

Can you name these famous sights in Europe? Not the towns or citys, just the name of the attraction!


Guess the singers


Once a trademark of the United States, skyscrapers have quickly spread throughout the world. Can you name some of the tallest buildings in the world?

Small Anime Creature Quiz

Name the small anime creature whether they turn into a giant ship, act as a sidekick, or just stick around to be annoying.

TV & Film
Snooker Players

Try naming the classes of the cue old and new

Soap characters quiz

Try to name these soap characters. First name only required

soap stars

guess the names of the characters from british soaps in this quiz

TV & Film
Soccer Club emblems

Can you name the football club or national team by its emblem?

Some Movies

Some Movies

TV & Film
Song titles

Try to guess the song titles from the pictures.
Good luck!!

Song titles 2

So, Erwinner started and I will continue. Try to guess the song titles from the pictures. We have: U2, Depeche Mode, Oasis, Blur, Clash, Blondie, Franz Ferdinand, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Grizzly Bear, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Smiths, Simple Minds, Kraftwerk, Madness, Coldplay, Toto, Chemical Brothers, Cure, Duran Duran, RHCP, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Joy Division, Robert Palmer, Elton John, ABBA, Jam, Arcade Fire, Lily Allen, Gossip, David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Grandmaster Flash, Kool & the Gang, New Order, INXS, Spin Doctors, Mike Oldfield, Bruce Springsteen, Ultravox, Steve Miller Band, Ottawan...

Song titles 3

Try to guess the song titles from the pictures again, good luck! A little help: find Michael Jackson, FGTH, REM, CCR, Air, Eminem, Concrete Blonde, Dido, Verve, Editors, Who, Boney M, Pulp, PSB, Moby, Outkast, Interpol, Pink Floyd, Keane, Peter Gabriel, Bee Gees, Smash Mouth, Pink, Prodigy, Prince, La Roux, Smokie, Elton John, Commodores, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Simply Red, Suzanne Vega, Sting, U2, Elvis Presley, Kaiser Chiefs...

Song titles 4

Try to guess the song titles from the pictures. You will find: Lady Gaga, Clash, Bruno Mars, Stray Cats, Katy Perry, DM, ABBA, Maroon 5, FF, Toto, Police, Coldplay, MSP, Chris Rea, Doves, Cream, Rihanna, Cure, Goldfrapp, Bananarama, Blur, Vangelis, Beady Eye, UB40, Matthews' Southern Comfort...

Soundtrack Composers

What would a movie be without music? Please use their name posted on IMDB

TV & Film
Spike Lee Movies Quiz

You Know Him,Now Guess This Famous Director Movies By Scene's.

TV & Film

View the Pictures and Type their Surname in the box

Sport Movies

All these movie stills are to do with some kind of sport..

TV & Film
Sport Quiz 2012/13

Who won the UEFA Champions League in season 2012/13 ?
A. Bayern Munchen B. Chelsea C. Barcelona D. Ac Milan

Who was the champion of Serie A season 2012/13 ?
A. Napoli B. Lazio C. Ac Milan D. Juventus

Sporting Personalities

Various sporting personalities from a range of sports over the years.

Star Trek

Can you name the character from various Star Trek TV series? Just type their surname.

TV & Film
Stars And There Cars

Which film did these cars appear in?
English Film Titles for the answers.
e.g "Fast And Furious"

starz and celebz

write the stage names of these singers.......its soooooooooooooo easy.......if you know them that is!!!
p.s: instead of typing in ke$ha, type in kesha

Stephen King Characters

See how many of these characters from Stephen King adaptations you can name!!

TV & Film

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super mario people 5

try to guese my mario people try your best nice try

Super Movie Quiz

A variety of easy-hard screenshots from various films. 150+ answers ;)

TV & Film

When you are being attacked by the ultimate evil, you need a superhero... so who can you call for help?

TV & Film
Supernatural Characters quiz

the first names of the characters only required

TV & Film
supernatural episodes quiz

if you watch this great tv series then you can answer...

TV & Film

A hero is nothing without a good nemesis. Do you recognize these dangerous men and women?

TV & Film
Surreal and Arthouse cinema picture quiz

It's a quiz. You know the film, you put the title in the box :).

TV & Film

It's a game with a great prize, the players are now more or less famous. Can you remember their names? Please use only the given name posted on IMDB

TV & Film

name as many of the sweeties in this quiz as you can

Food & Drink
Sweets & Fizz

All sorts of sweets & fizz from chocolate to drinks

Food & Drink