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Walt Disney World Florida

Name the attraction within four of the worlds biggest and magical theme parks!!

Warships of Note

Famous warships of the past, and a few from the present.

Well Known Authors

Can you name these well known authors from the book covers!

well known writers

Do you know how your favorite writers look like? Please use their name posted on Wikipedia!

Art & Literature
Western film actors

western film actors

Western Movie Quiz

guess the western movie from the still shown--my first, so not too hard

TV & Film
What a carry on.....

Name the carry on film (you don't need the word 'carry on' in any answer)

TV & Film
What shape is your country in?

This is a quiz for geography buffs. Guess the country name by looking at its outline. Some are easy, some are hard. Some have pictorial clues in them, some are just plain outlines. Good luck!

what the !....what is that movie!!!

name the movie that is shown in the box at the top side of the text box

TV & Film
What's for dinner tonight?

Can you name these popular dishes from all around the world. Please check Wikipedia for the right spelling.
Bon appetit!

What's The Film!?

Try and guess the names of these famous films!

TV & Film
Where have I seen that person

Name the tv show that the magnified part of the person belongs to. (some people may be related to more than one show so try them all)
ANSWERS ARE POSTED @ swfcphonejacker.spaces.live.com/default.aspx

Which car is this?

Write down the Brand and model, example: Opel Astra

Who am I?

All you need to do is identify the person from the pictures.


Can you name all of the celebrities who have featured on the UK version of Celebrity Big Brother?

who has WORLD CUP FEVER!!!!!!!

name the country these stars are playing for in the WORLD CUP 2010!!!!!!!!


just write the persons name that there known as ,anyway ke$ha is the right spelling not kesha , when you get to her picture

who is the architect?

do you know which architect designed these buildings?

Who is this helmet?

Can you name the Formula 1 driver from past or present who has worn this helmet?

Who is who in One Foot In The Grave

name the characters in the hit sitcom one foot in the grave

who'd they play 4????

all you have to do is name the club the player plays for !!!!! - league clubs only , not national teams !!!

Who's that album? 1

Can you guess the album name? A little help: Album name = Artist name. Good luck and have fun! He who dares, wins!

Who's that album? 2

Once again! Can you guess the album name? Album name = Artist name.

Who's that album? 3

One more time! Guess the album name. Album name = Artist name.

Who's that album? 4

Here we go again! Guess the album name. Album name = artist name

Who's that album? 5

Album name = artist name! The same rules... The same target, the same distance...

Who's that album? 6

Album name = artist name (No need to explain further...)

Who's who

quess who is the main singer in the picture

Who's Who In Prisoner Cell Block H

Ok Heres A Tricky One Can U remember These Wentworth Faces? Full Names Please lol

TV & Film
WhoKnowZ Movie quiz

WhoKnowZ Movie quiz - Gebruik originele titels - Nr. 6: geen accenten

TV & Film
WhoKnowZ Movie quiz 2

WhoKnowZ Movie quiz part 2 - Gebruik de Originele Titels

TV & Film
WhoKnowZ Movie quiz 3

WhoKnowZ Movie quiz part 3 - Gebruik de Originele Titels

TV & Film
Wimbledon Winners

Wimbledon Winners - the great Tennis Champions from over the years

World cinema quiz

This is a tough one dude cause Hollywood is not allowed in here.You can find below all kind of great movies from Brazil to France and from England to Japan. Name the movie after the scene but take care cause original names are used (as denoted on imdb). If you saw the movie is quite easy otherwise ... :-)

World Class Skiers

Past and present, men and woman
Can you name them all?

World Cup teams 2010

Please name these world cup teams from 2010

World Footballers

Test your knowledge at the class acts world football! last names only.

World Snooker players

Some have won world championship titles or various tournaments in the World Snooker series. Others dared to challenge the champions. Can you remember some of the current and former professional snooker players?

Wrestlemania Winners

All of these wrestlers have won a match at Wrestlemania

Wrestling figures

Try to identify these wrestlers by there action figure

wwe, wwf, wcw characters

test your knowledge and try to name these wrestling characters !!